Lesson Plan

Stone Age

Excite your students with knowledge of the past by showing them a film and pretending to live in the past! In this lesson, your students will learn about the Stone Age.
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With this social studies lesson plan, Stone Age your first graders will have an opportunity to travel back in time. Using a prehistoric-era film such as The Croods, children will observe the setting, characters' actions, and food they are eating. Young learners are introduced to the history of the caveman and how they used animal skins for clothing, discovered fire, painted the walls of their caves, and more! Then, using a table and butcher paper, kids will transform into cave people and crawl into and paint the "walls" of their "caves."

Learning Objectives

Students will be able to understand how people lived in the Stone Age.


(30 minutes)
  • Show the class a little bit of The Croods film or another movie based in prehistoric times.
  • Ask your students questions about what they see, such as the setting. Potential guiding questions include: What are people doing? How are they gathering food?